How to Make Your Own Hybrid Cannabis Plants From Seeds

Hybrid cannabis plants are now some of the favorites among users in the cannabis community because of their wide range of effects and medicinal qualities. This is why hybrids are now more in demand in the market than ever. But, due to that high demand, it might be difficult for you to get your hands

Hybrid Cannabis Bud: How They Are Created?

Hybrid marijuana strains like the Blue Dream, the Jilly Bean, Dutch Treat, and the Banana Kush, are a combination or a hybrid of the two major classes of marijuana namely the indica and sativa. Hybrids most often can give you a more balanced mix of the effects of indica and sativa. The term indica and

How Long Does Indica Stay in your Body

Are you worried about an indica high that seems to last for a very long time? Or is the concern about having a drug test after taking a hit or two of kush? There are indica strain seeds for sale and you might be considering cultivating this plant yet might have heard that it could

Important Things You Should Know Before Eating Marijuana Seeds

There are many things you should know before you buy sativa marijuana seeds and eat them. These things include the surprising benefits of cannabis to your health and life. and cited these things that you should know before one eats marijuana seeds: Marijuana Seeds Contain Fatty Acids Fatty Acids are crucial to a

Are Indica and Sativa the Same In Terms of Medicinal Uses

Nearly any cannabis users are familiar with the three basic types of marijuana and their uses. You use an indica strain for relaxation while using a sativa strain as a stimulant like coffee. The hybrid of the two strains offers a mix of indica and sativa effect. When it comes to medical uses, does sativa

10 Interesting Facts about the Legality of Marijuana in Canada

Canada opened its arms to the medical and recreational use of marijuana since October 2018. While the law becomes lenient with the use of weed in the country, some things are still illegal according to the law. Going through the cannabis law website will reveal many eye-opening legality facts regarding the use of marijuana or

How to Sell Cannabis Seeds in Canada Legally

Buying marijuana for medical or recreational use is possible in Canada. However, cannabis seeds are in a different situation within the country because of the regulations set on them and the shortages available on different seed banks. What does it take to have a license to sell seeds to a licensed Canadian seed bank or

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

The Telegraph published an article regarding the status of marijuana in Amsterdam. The short piece painted a clear picture of what you can expect if you were to buy Amsterdam marijuana seeds as well as smoke or consume weed in the country. Indeed most top quality and potent breeds of cannabis have been developed in

What is a Hybrid Effects and Attributes

Everything in this world is susceptible to change. Even the marijuana strains are not an exemption. It is true that there is still some cannabis that is a classic favorite. However, there is no growth without change. With that said, marijuana hybrids are born. What’s a hybrid? The definition of this term is based on