10 Most Feminized Marijuana Seeds Today

Marijuana seeds come in different characteristics, types, and features. Ever since it was legalized in some states, breeders, and dispensaries began to appear in the market to provide feminized marijuana seeds supply for aspiring growers.

There are many reasons why marijuana enthusiasts choose to tend their supply of weed. One, it is simple and easy. Two, it is safe and chemical-free. Lastly, it allows them to save a lot of money compared to purchasing several ounces in pot shops. With this, more and more people are starting to put up their own indoor or outdoor cannabis garden at home.

Types of Seeds

There are a lot of marijuana seeds available in the market. But to briefly explain all the seed varieties, here are the top three groups:

Regular Marijuana Seeds

When you grow regular marijuana seeds, it can develop into both female and male. However, if you purchase 10 regular seeds and you don’t know whether they will grow into a female or male plant, there is a 50-50 chance that they will end up as feminine plants.

Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds

The auto-flowering seed is the daughter of sativa or indica plant that was bred with a ruderal plant. It is best to cultivate this variety in places that have short summers since it automatically blooms in just a short period, specifically within 2 to 3 weeks. It usually grows in Russia, Northern Europe, Mongolia, and China. It has a lower amount of THC compared to other sativa and indica cultivar, which is why it needs to be bred. The end product of this breeding process results in an immediate flowering plant with high levels of THC and great flower heads.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

According to Jorge Cervantes, the first feminized seeds came out of Amsterdam in the 1990s. Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically manipulated to create all-female plants, 95% of the time. Male marijuana plants don’t grow flowers, has little to no THC, and can affect the THC production among female plants. On the other hand, female marijuana plants produce more types of chemical substance compared to male plants, including CBD, THC, and CBN. Before feminized seeds were sold in the market, they undergo careful tests and several growing procedure to make sure that they are genetically consistent and stable. Breeders guarantee that when they reach the market, they are purely feminine, with zero chance of growing into a male plant.

What are Medicinal Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized medical marijuana seeds are specifically grown and bred for health purposes. They are the variety of marijuana that is used for their medicinal value since they contain active ingredients that can alleviate certain conditions. Generally, they can improve blood circulation, pain, nausea, muscle tensions, muscle spasms, sleeping problems, stress, side effects of chemotherapy, suppressed appetite, hormonal imbalance, and sexual complaints.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you are a novice grower, you might have heard of “feminized seed” but you might not know what it is or what it could do. The marijuana plant has two categories: female and male sexes. The best category to plant for a recreational purpose such as smoking is the female one. That’s why feminized seeds are well-loved by growers, they are suitable for those who aim to harvest a huge amount of weed for recreational use.

The beauty of using feminized seeds is they don’t allow the growers to worry about the upcoming crop since they will all produce quality and healthy buds. This results in higher yields and increased income. However, it also comes with a downside since it doesn’t produce a lot of seeds that will be sufficient to use for your next grow.

Benefits of Planting Feminized Seeds

The biggest benefit that you can reap from planting feminized seeds is having the assurance that all of your plants will grow and create buds. You don’t get this when you plant male plants or a mix of both sexes. Most farmers who don’t utilize feminized seeds need to plant more to increase the chance of producing more buds.

Moreover, feminized seeds are easy to grow compared to other varieties of seeds. If your goal is to produce higher yields, this is the best option that you could get. Growing marijuana indoors shouldn’t be difficult. It should be easy and hassle-free. With this, you get great results with minimum work and effort.

Always remember that you can always choose from different varieties of seed available in the market. However, if you are still starting and your goal is to get a high amount of yield, you have to take advantage of the benefits that you can get from feminized seeds. You’ll be able to save energy, time, and money.

10 Most Feminized Seeds

If you want your first-ever harvest to flourish, you should take a look at these top feminized seeds. They are sought after by growers and breeders all over the world and are considered as the best. These are the 10 most feminized seeds that you can find in the market:

  1. Critical

Critical is a high-yield feminized seed that takes at least seven weeks to flower. With this, you can insert multiple growing periods in a year. It is an ideal strain for nighttime relaxation because of the effects it offers. It is also popular among medical patients who don’t want high levels of THC in their medication.

     2. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the most popular hybrid in Holland. It is a potent and heady variant with a gorgeous indoor yield. It doesn’t grow as fast as other variants but if you are a seasoned marijuana user who gives importance to the quality of their product, Amnesia haze is your way towards a high.

   3.OG Kush

OG Kush is a combination of the best sativa and indica strain. OG stands for “ocean grown,” but some people also consider it as the “original gangster.” The aroma of this strain is a perfect blend of citrus and fruity. It offers a psychedelic bliss.

   4. White Widow

White Widow has been hailed as the queen of all marijuana seeds all over the world because it produces the highest yield. It has been utilized in thousands of cannabis farming and research studies. White Widow produces flowers after 9 weeks and it grows well in cold yet sunny climates or an indoor garden with 600W light.

5. Skunk XL

This is a low-maintenance feminized strain that is easy to grow for beginners. It is a cross between indica and sativa, which gives the body a delicate warm feeling. Even the aftertaste of this feminized strain is a combination of sweet and fruity flavor. If you are into huge buds with high yields, this is the best choice for you.

6. Northern Lights

Northern Lights are renowned for its stirring indica high and elevated yields. Since this female is enveloped in fiery resin, it seems to glow as it approaches the harvesting period, which sells well among avid smokers.

7. Special Queen

Special Queen is true royalty in the cannabis industry. It is a traditional plant that bears the genetic profile of most medical marijuana cultivated in Europe. She is capable of entering the flowering stage within 8 weeks, and when she finally transitions in this stage, she offers a more soothing effect compared to sativa and more energizing than your energy drink. Once you’ve cultivated Special Queen, it might be hard for other strains to top it up.

8. Shining Silver Haze

If you are not into the glowing features of Northern Lights, then you might enjoy this silver sativa called Shining Silver Haze. It is the newest addition to the long line of exclusively grown haze hybrids. She has a sweet taste and she offers a dreamy psychedelic effect.

9. Haze Berry

Haze Berry develops just like a sativa. It is uplifting and energizing. It also works just like an indica, giving the smoker a relaxing and soothing after effect. This makes her the best option if you are looking for medical marijuana.

10. Special Kush

Special Kush is always present in every cannabis seed menu in dispensaries. This is because it belongs to the group of elite marijuana strains. She came from the Middle East but grows well in places with warm climates such as Southern Europe and North Africa. She is made of tightly packed small flowers from head to toe and she is perfect for beginner growers.


Feminized marijuana seeds are the most promising variant of marijuana seeds in the market. It assures growers and it is easy to grow. For those who dream of harvesting huge batches of buds, feminized seeds are the ideal variety for you.

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