Do You Have to Protect Yourself When Ordering Bulk Marijuana Seeds Online

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Dealing with problems when caught because of possessing marijuana is a common issue for marijuana users from all over the world. We all know that there are plenty of people who smoke marijuana because they enjoy a different kind of high that this plant gives. The demand had also increased when various places had legalized the use of marijuana for medication. They have found out that it can cure different kinds of diseases like glaucoma, muscle spasms, depression, epilepsy, cancer, and so on. Continue reading “Do You Have to Protect Yourself When Ordering Bulk Marijuana Seeds Online”

How Can You Improve the Yield of Your Marijuana Seeds

growing-marijuana-indoors-spacing-densityGrowers are opting to get higher yields from their cultivation that is why they do their best in providing their plants with all their needs. Growing marijuana plants can be enjoyable if you see them grow well. You have to exert time and effort in taking care of the plants to keep them away from various weed problems that can cause them to die. You have to know the factors that can affect the growth of your cannabis so that you can provide them what is right. Continue reading “How Can You Improve the Yield of Your Marijuana Seeds”

Control Methods When Growing Marijuana

small-spaces-marijuana-growMarijuana can grow into different height. Some can grow tall while others are short in height. If you can grow marijuana outdoors without any legal issues, then you can decide to choose marijuana that can reach taller height. However, if you need to grow indoors and hide your plants, then it is advisable that you go for short marijuana strains. But, do you know that it can be possible for you to control the height of marijuana plants using various methods? Continue reading “Control Methods When Growing Marijuana”

Blue Magoo

g89rp8DBlue Magoo is a look and sound almost alike as Blue Goo, do not confuse them though. You need to ensure that you are growing on the strain that you really want to grow. Blue Magoo is a clone only hybrid that crosses between strains of DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud or for some they call it William’s Wonder F2. Continue reading “Blue Magoo”

Are there Marijuana Seed Companies in the USA?

IMG_3969Yes, there are Marijuana seed companies in the USA but really few, Arum Direct to name one, is one of the Marijuana Seed Companies in The USA that just started. If you are located in the USA, there are a lot of Marijuana Seed Companies outside the USA that you could visit online. You do not need to worry about issues of delivery, as those companies, may they be located outside USA could deliver your chosen Marijuana seeds right at your doorsteps. Continue reading “Are there Marijuana Seed Companies in the USA?”

Common Problems You Might Encounter When Growing Marijuana

cannabisplant needs helpPlants can be affected by pests and other types of diseases that can slow down its growth or cause it to die. So if ever that you are new in growing cannabis, it is important that you educate yourself about the possible problems that you might face with your marijuana plants. This is the reason why you have to spend time watching your marijuana in order to make immediate actions in keeping your plants away from dying. Continue reading “Common Problems You Might Encounter When Growing Marijuana”

Blue Dream

Blue DreamBlue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that originated in California, the strain has achieved a legendary status among Marijuana strains in the west coast crossing a Blueberry Indica with strain of Sativa Haze. The strains are perfectly combined to produce a great potent marijuana strain. Continue reading “Blue Dream”

Are Marijuana Seeds in Canada potent?

ccf12d19e3bda55b0576f85c8b1847fcThat is not a question to ask. Canada has been in the business of marijuana for a good number of years. Farmers, marijuana plant growers and those who are in need of growing and using marijuana for health or leisure or for business purposes always seek for Online Marijuana Seed Banks or retail shops in Canada. Canada has established their name in the field of marijuana due to potent seeds they offer. Continue reading “Are Marijuana Seeds in Canada potent?”

Common Mistakes You Have to Avoid When Growing Marijuana

best-soil-for-cannabisGrowing marijuana is not an easy task especially if you have not yet tried it before. It is important that you are knowledgeable about the process if you want to make the most out of your time, money, and effort. Growers cannot always expect to produce a great amount of yield. There are times that marijuana seeds will fail to germinate maybe because of the insufficient amount of nutrients, light, or water it received. Even the location and the temperature can affect the growth of marijuana. Continue reading “Common Mistakes You Have to Avoid When Growing Marijuana”

Apollo 11

user9039_pic355612_1271575532Apollo 11 is a hybrid strain from breeds of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. The hybrid Indica dominant strain has been one of the famous prescriptions given to patients experiencing minor pain, anxiety, stress, headache and depression. Continue reading “Apollo 11”