Month: May 2016

Ways of Growing Healthy Marijuana Plants

Having quality marijuana seeds will not give you the assurance that you can already harvest quality buds. As a grower, you have to be aware of the things that can contribute to the growth of your plants. Growing healthy marijuana is something that can make you feel satisfied with all the efforts, time, and money

Where to Buy Potent Marijuana Seeds?

When you start growing marijuana plant, the first that you need to work on is to ensure that you have potent seeds. If your seeds are not potent enough to yield then whatever you do or even if you provided your plant all things necessary for them to grow well and provide the hit you

Larry OG

Larry OG or also called by her other name Lemon Larry, is a family member of the famous Ocean Grown or OG family. This Hybrid Indica dominant strain is a cross breed between OG Kush and SFV OG Kush, so expect that this strain is potent and could give you satisfactory high.

What are the Best Marijuana Seeds to Grow Outdoor?

Now that you have decided to grow your own Marijuana plant, the next you have to decide on is where you plan to cultivate them. You could grow them either indoor or outdoor. If you already have experience cultivating marijuana, it would be best hat you grow your marijuana outdoor this time. There are great marijuana


This Cannabis Indica dominant plant came from four different strains Super Skunk (Cannabis Indica) Afghani (Cannabis Indica) Hawaiian (Cannabis Sativa) South Asian Indica (Cannabis Indica) Lavender is also called by some as Lavender kush and for some they call Lavender as Soma #10.

OG Kush

Up until this moment, exact genes of OG Kush are still a mystery in the world of Marijuana. Strongest and most valid among speculations is genes of OG Kush came from Chemdawg and Hindi Kush, although no strong proof yet about their conclusions and theories, the two strains named are considered her parents until they