Month: September 2016

How to Achieve Dense and Bushy Marijuana Plants

People who are growing marijuana would surely want to produce excellent yields from their garden. However, because of having strict rules regarding the cultivation of marijuana, they need to hide their cannabis and plant then indoors. It only means that they also have to control the height of marijuana plants so that others won’t see

How to Control the Growth of Marijuana

There are more and more people in different parts of the world who want to have their own marijuana cultivation at home. We are all aware that marijuana is still illegal in some places despite the benefits that it can give to patients who are suffering from cancer, glaucoma, muscle spasms, headache, and other conditions

How to Faster Growth of Marijuana with Heavier Buds

Marijuana growers surely want to harvest their cannabis as soon as possible. However, they have to be patient and allow the plant to reach full maturity if they want to obtain quality and potent buds. Even if it looks like your marijuana is already ready for a harvest, giving it one more week can be

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana can be done for both indoor and outdoor environment. If you want a cost efficient way of growing cannabis then you have to prefer outdoor growing because you will make use of natural resources for your plants. Yet, you have to be aware of the fact that there are factors that can affect

How to Grow Marijuana Without Being Caught

One major problem about growing marijuana is that you might face criminal charges once the authorities find out. Though medical marijuana is already popular in various places all over the world, this is not enough reason that everyone can grow marijuana anywhere and anytime they want to. So if you don’t want to be imprisoned,

How to Hide Your Marijuana Cultivation

Cultivating marijuana can be a rewarding activity that people should try especially these days that it can already be used as a form of medication. However, before you focus on the benefits that you can get from using weeds, you have to be aware of the consequences that you might face if you will start

How to Improve the Bud Quality When Growing Weeds

Harvesting your marijuana can be very exciting especially if you see quality buds. It will require hard work for the growers to come up with excellent buds because they have to invest their time, effort, and money in providing the needs of their plants to grow. There are strains that are not easy to grow

How to Increase the Yields When Growing Marijuana

Growers would surely want to expect harvesting great amount of yields from their marijuana cultivation. This can mean generating more money if you grow marijuana with a purpose of distributing it to other people. Though this is risky especially if you will sell marijuana in places where it is prohibited, the demand tempts you to

How to Protect Your Marijuana Plants from Diseases

Growers would surely want to secure their plants away from diseases that can affect their growth. We all know that there are a lot of factors that can disrupt the growth of marijuana. And because you have invested your time, money, and effort in cultivating cannabis, you would want satisfying results to keep you motivated

How to Secure the Growth of Your Marijuana Plants

Protecting your marijuana plants is important if you want them to reach maximum growth. We all know the fact that marijuana can be sensitive to temperature, pests, water, soil, and nutrients, if provided with an inadequate amount or doesn’t suit its needs. This is the reason why you have to familiarize yourself with the strains