Month: January 2019

All about Thought Cloud CBD Oil and Reviews

When I first heard about CBD oil or Cannabinoid oil, I was a bit skeptical about the various health benefits of the component as many companies were claiming it to be a miracle ingredient.  I was doubting the claims because as you may already know, CBD comes directly from the hemp plant. Now hemp plant

Different Methods of Growing Marijuana

Planning to grow marijuana can be a rewarding activity if you can make successful crops. However, in order for you to do it, you will need to acquire knowledge and skills on how you will start growing your cannabis. Good thing is that you can easily find information online because marijuana is popular all over

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally All Over the World?

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally All Over the World?  Cannabis is now a highly recommended medicine for various ailments. But, getting cannabis seeds is somewhat difficult. There are only a few countries worldwide that supply all forms of strains online and offline. Are marijuana seeds legal? Yes, but the whole process can be challenging.   Is

10 Best Way to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis

Auto-flowering marijuana strains are what is known to be a gift to those who are planning to start-up a cannabis but lacks the guts to do so. Since auto-flowering strains are much easier to cultivate and manage compared to the regular seeds in the market, it is best suitable for those who are interested in learning

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds in Toronto

Autoflowering cannabis seeds provide numerous advantages to both newbie and highly-experienced growers. Unlike regular and feminized cannabis seeds, these autoflowering cannabis seeds have a faster growth rate. You will be able to save a lot of time and energy from seed to harvest if you choose those cultivate these kinds of seeds. Many growers found autoflowering cannabis seeds to be

10 Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Hybrid marijuana strains are created and produced to achieve optimum result with regards to the effects. The combination of two or more strains helps in developing potent and effective cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. There are a lot of hybrid marijuana strains you can count on for powerful effects that will surely help a

10 Best Hybrid Weed Strains

Have you ever been curious about what cannabis can do and how are they formulated? Today, the curiosity is going out of hand. There are a variety of cannabis strains present with its unique recreational and medicinal properties. Out of the curiosity of the people who study cannabis is the birth of hybrid strains. They

10 Best Sativa Strains

Novice marijuana users may have a debate with themselves about what kind of strain to take. There is no doubt that there are numerous strains out there that people can choose from. However, there are certain consumers who would prefer the sativa types of marijuana. It is not surprising given the kind of energy it

10 Best Sativa Weeds

Sativa weeds are immensely popular strains of cannabis because of their myriad of cerebral and euphoric effects as well as medicinal qualities. They are known for bringing about a euphoric high that makes you feel focused and energized. This is why Sativas are known to be social strains of cannabis. It’s also no wonder why

Cannabis Indica: Characteristics and Effects

Cannabis Indica is the term that is associated with certain effects belonging to a species of cannabis plants. These types of plants are usually short in nature and are more popular due to being readily available in the consumer market. What makes them popular is also their tendency to make the user feel relaxed and