Best Marijuana Seeds to Grow for Beginners

A_Beginner_s_Guide_to_Growing_Marijuana_in_Coco_CoirFinally, you have decided to grow your own Marijuana plant. Before you do that, have you decided on what seed you plan to grow? Choosing which seed you plant is critical in growing your own marijuana plant. There are seeds that are easy to grow and there are strains that are a bit complex thus not recommended for first time growers.

You definitely want to be successful growing you Marijuana and with that choose seeds that will not give you a hard time growing. Some beginners may be choosing seeds with auto-flowering ability due to the fact that they flower automatically without much of light requirement. Light is one of the most critical in growing Cannabis due to their changing need on every growth stages, growing auto-flowering Cannabis will provide growers lesser chance of committing error in giving the light their plants require.

Auto-flowering is an options but it would be better if you start with the basic. Choose strains that are easy to grow yet not auto-flowering. There are strains available in the online marijuana market in Canada, that are easy to cultivate and that you could order and ship directly in the USA. You could have them shipped discretely so that you will have a peaceful start.

What marijuana seeds could beginners start growing?


One of the most common picks for beginners to grow is AK48. It grows fast, as it name implies, you are ready to harvest your marijuana in as short as 48 days time. This is best to grow indoors. This strain is best advised for beginners, small mistakes on overwatering, fertilizing and the like won’t affect their yields.

Afghan Skunk

Afghan Skunk is known for its robust characteristic. They are strong enough to resist changes in weather condition. Beginners could start working on Afghan Skunk and you will definitely get benefits in their yields as well.

Early Misty Seeds

Early Misty Seeds stand low temperature and is pest resistant. One of the major problems of farmers is pest. There are instances that even experienced farmers could not cure Marijuana plants that are infested by pests. Early Misty Seeds could at least not be an issue for beginners to think of.

Deciding to grow your own Marijuana plant is definitely a good idea and putting it in action is a real great deal. You better start right by choosing which seed could give you not too much of a hard time.

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