Blue Widow

BlueWidowBlue Widow is a Hybrid Indica Dominant Cannabis strain that was taken from the award winning strains in previous High Time Cannabis Cup, Blueberry and White Widow. You are surely familiar with Blue Widow’s parent marijuana strains due to potency and medical characteristics.

Blue Widow carries on sweet and berry taste and a fruity and berry scent with a hint of forest pines.

Growing Blue Widow

Blue Widow are a bit delicate with the environment they live in thus it is better to grow them indoors to ensure that they are only getting what they exactly needed. They require warm and sunshine to grow and they may not be too viable or not viable at all living in cold environment.

They are expected to be ready for harvest in as short as 7 – 8 weeks. They may grow slow in the beginning but once buds start to appear they will rapidly grow in size. The plant matures leaves and buds in deepening shades of blue and purple and the buds will also display orange hairs. They have short leaves and large sticky buds with a heavy resin coating. Blue Window is a great strain to use by first time marijuana users due to its medium range THC level of 12 to 16 percent.

They could live outdoors given that they get the warmth and sunshine they need thus if you live in an environment not suited to respond to Blue Widow seed needs then indoor is a lot better for you

Why indoors in growing Blue Widow?

  • Blue Widow is not too strong to live in a climate other than warm and sunny. Environment outdoors could change but not indoors since you have full control of your plant’s environment when you grow them in grow rooms

It is a good idea to provide the needs of your marijuana plants artificially. You need to understand that the weather changes thus if you do not want your cultivation stop due to change of season then it best to grow your marijuana indoors.

Provide the needs of your plants artificially through the use of

  • Electric fan or exhaust fans
  • Air Conditioner
  • Light
  • Ionizer or humidifier
  • Blue Widow could come really strong in terms of their scent thus growing your plant indoors would give you better chances not to let others smell what you are cooking. You could use deodorizer to help lessen the smell of Blue Widow.

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