Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Without Getting Any Trouble: Tips and Tricks

In this day and age, even with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in plenty of states in the US and other countries, there’s still a stigma attached to buying marijuana. The decades of it being a prohibited substance and the impression that people who use marijuana are “addicts” and “potheaads” have created such a bad reputation. If you’re asking where can you buy marijuana seeds online legally? The answer is at reputable breeders and growers.

Breeders and growers have their own farms and plantations and cultivate marijuana seeds for the purpose of selling them. They sometimes create super seeds which yield more favorable or profitable plants, but choosing the seeds you want to buy is up to you. What’s more important is to make your buying discreet, legal, and hassle-free. In the meantime, activists and lawyers like the Marc and Craig Wasserman have been helping those who have been wrongfully arrested by the police for marijuana use.

Buying marijuana seeds isn’t as simple as going online and buying a pair of shoes or a nice shirt that you’ve taken a liking to. It needs careful planning, reading reviews and feedback, and getting in touch with the grower discreetly before pushing through with the transaction.

Here are some tips and tricks to buy marijuana seeds without getting into trouble.

1. Do your research. Looking for an online store you can trust is not as easy as you think. Cannabis is a lucrative industry and some people will do just about anything to make a quick buck – including scamming people. Some sellers are known to sell inferior quality seeds or never deliver the items you ordered from their so-called shop. Since the seeds cost a good amount of money, it’s important to look hard for sites which have received good reviews from buyers.

2. Make a small order/s at first. Ordering seeds online requires some stealth and planning. Make a shortlist of potential growers or breeders you want to transact with and place a small, insignificant order – the kind that won’t hurt so much if they don’t deliver or reach your address. Don’t order them at the same time too so as not to alert suspicion. If you suddenly receive one package after another, people might get nosy.

3. Pay from a secure credit card. Open a business card or secondary card that can be difficult to trace. Don’t use the same one you use to pay for utility bills and grocery shopping.

4. Ship to someone else or a different address. The last thing you want to do is ship your order of marijuana seeds directly to your garden or mini-farm. That will be suicide. Your vendor will know how to pack it discreetly and inconspicuously so it looks like a gift, a bottle of perfume, or a box of cookies. They all have their own approaches but never have it shipped to where you’re growing your plants. If you can, have it sent to a friend who can later give it to you.

5. Don’t use your real name. Yes, it’s unfortunate that you have to go to great lengths to hide your identity. It is already legal to possess marijuana seeds, but there are very strict rules on which places allow growers to plant and cultivate them. In some states, there’s also a limit on the number of seeds you can possess, so better err on the side of caution at all times.

6. Look at the return or refund policy. Why you may ask? reputable vendors work only with trusted growers and breeders and they stand by the quality of the products they sell. Having a sound refund or return policy or even a money-back guarantee sets buyers at ease that these are not fly-by-night sellers.

7. Brush up on state laws. You can order marijuana seeds from different parts of the world but you may end up not being able to use them if they get stopped at customs. Read up on laws enforced in your state – especially if there are limits on how much seeds you can purchase at a given time.

Where can you buy Marijuana seeds online legally?

If you’re not sold on the idea of walking to a dispensary and looking for marijuana seeds, just get them from reputable and trusted seedbanks and growers. There’s a difference between people who just grow marijuana seeds and sell them off as collector’s items or souvenirs and individuals who really cultivate strong seeds so people can grow their own marijuana plants. The latter group is the one who cares about the kind of strain and seeds they produce. They want buyers to have the initial strong seeds to start their crop of marijuana plants. You can choose from regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds, depending on your preference and budget.

It is no longer illegal to grow your own plants in some parts of the US, as long as you follow the strict rules and protocols set up for them.

Once you’ve found a few vendors that are easy to transact with and have checked that the quality of products they supply is good, you can start ordering more volume and more frequently. Ask their opinion about strains and seeds that will complement your growing conditions and plans.

Finding a good vendor means they also take good care of you as a client. They can prepare your orders according to your exact specifications, including how you want them wrapped or packaged. Some shops will go out of their way and gift-wrap your seed orders so they look like presents or treats sent to you by someone. That’s the kind of relationship you want.

The next time you wonder where can you buy marijuana seeds online legally, be sure to visit any of these seed banks. We recommend,, and because of their positive reviews and feedback from satisfied buyers.

They have also been in the industry for a long time and give good, solid advice to newbies or first time growers.


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