Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds online without prescription?

cannabis-seeds-being-spread-in-german-parks.jpgYou can definitely do that. You do not need any prescriptions from professionals when buying marijuana seeds. The only requirement of almost all marijuana seed shops may it be online or retail stores is buyers should be 18 years old and above. If you are younger than that then chances are you won’t be successful ordering marijuana seeds.

How to get marijuana seeds if you are below the target age range and you need marijuana for medical purposes?

Online marijuana seed shops and retailers are responsible enough not to dispense marijuana and marijuana seeds to the children below 18 years old. They know exactly the possible risk this may cause if not properly used.

  • If it is prescribed by physicians and they are below the allowable age range, their parents or guardians are the ones responsible to do this for them. Parents and guardians should not in any way allow them to place orders or to grow marijuana plant.

There is a right time for them to do that on their own

  • When they reach the right age, it is best to train them growing their own medical marijuana. They should be guided accordingly on the purpose of using medical marijuana to cure their illness.

The knowledge of a patient to grow her own medical marijuana is essential. This will help them know their medicine better and give importance to resource that she or he has.

What do you need to provide when ordering marijuana seeds?

Ordering marijuana seeds online is just like ordering regular items you want to buy online. There is no much difference other than what you are ordering is marijuana seeds.

After choosing the marijuana seed shop, what you need to do next is to fill out online forms with your personal information and address where you want to send it. Payment options differ from different online marijuana seed shops.

Pointers when placing orders of marijuana seed online?

  • Do not provide a fake name. Use your real name in placing marijuana seed orders. Using fake names might just give you issues during delivery. You cannot claim your items in any cases of issues in delivery address etc.
  • It is highly recommended that your marijuana seeds are delivered to a different address other than your grow room. Marijuana seeds should not be delivered on the address where you grow your marijuana. It would be a lot safer to use a different address.

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