cinexCinex is a Hybrid Cannabis from Cinderella 99 and Vortex. A great strain to cure different illnesses like pain, depression and stress. It will offer users a clear, focused and great cerebral high.

If you want to try Cannabis that will provide you flavors ranging from sweet citrus to earthy skunks then you got that in Cinex. Pine citrus is what you could achieve from this Cannabis strain.

Cinex offers 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, a great strain indeed to give you activeness but still in relaxing mood.

Cinex is bright green with orange hairs, not too attractive as the Cinex is looks almost the same as the other marijuana strains

Growing Cinex

Advantages of growing Cinex

  1. Provide heavy yields
  2. Short growth time (Cinex is ready for harvest in as short as 56 days or 7 weeks)
  3. Easy and Quick to trim
  4. Excellent tolerance to pest
  5. Potent Buds
  6. Effective Medicine
  7. One of the easiest Cannabis plant to grow

Cinex is highly recommended to beginners due to its forgiving characteristics. Cultivating errors could be corrected easily.

Common new cultivators’ mistakes


Overwatering could kill your plant. You are not supposed to water your plant all the time you fertilize. There is proper time for you to water and you should not over do it. There are different watering requirement on every growth stages of plants, like during early stages you need to water them with small volume of water twice a day and that will change as they move to later stages.

Over Fertilizing

Over Fertilizing may include giving too much of Nutrients that they do not need on a certain growth stage. You need to know what Nutrients they need exactly on a particular stage for you to help your plant achieve its potentials all throughout their life stages.

You need to identify which amongst the Nutrients you were giving is in excess. The best you could do is to know is what Nutrients they need on different stages of their life cycle for you to provide them with the right one.

Over Lighting Cannabis

Proper lighting works hand on hand with elevation. You also need to check on the distance of your plant towards the light. Burning may happen in the event that the plant is too close to a very strong light. The heat the light conducts may cause burning on leaves.

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