Growing Marijuana using Deep Water Culture

Marijuana growers have different methods on how they can grow cannabis. Setting up a deep water culture for your next grow might be a good idea. They can choose depending on the climate they have, their skills, their budget, or with the convenience they experience in a particular method. Though it is easy to say, deciding for a pick can be very difficult especially if you have not yet tried growing marijuana before. You will need to acquire information about each method for you to understand which one will fit you.

What to Expect in Growing Marijuana with Deep Water Culture

Soil is not the only medium you can use in growing marijuana. You can also try using deep water for your cannabis and experience excellent results during harvesting time. Growing marijuana hydroponically had become popular to growers who cannot cultivate weeds outdoors. So if you feel like hydroponics is the right choice for you to try, then here are just a few reminders that you have to follow before you get started.

  • It is important that you keep the lights away from the nutrient solution because when these two combined, it can help in the development of algae. This will eventually attract larvae to feed on the roots. You have to wash the affected part and the replace the nutrient solution as quickly as possible.

  • You should provide your marijuana plants with sufficient amount of air by making use of a large pump.

  • You can choose between the 2 types of DWC, the closed or the recirculating system. The first one is designed when growing a few plants while the other is for plenty of strains.

  • You have to maintain an optimal temperature range for your marijuana plants.

  • If you prefer using the closed system, you need to place one plant for every module because the roots will need space for proper growth.

  • It is advisable that you replace the nutrient solution weekly and maintain a pH level of 5.6. You always have to wash the entire reservoir when changing the solution.

Making use of the Deep Water Culture System can be very rewarding because you have the control when it comes to the needs of your marijuana plants. You only need to provide it with time and care everyday so that you can easily identify if your marijuana plants are doing well or not. Make sure that you deal with any weed problems that you might encounter as quickly as possible to prevent your plants from dying.

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