Different Methods of Growing Marijuana

Planning to grow marijuana can be a rewarding activity if you can make successful crops. However, in order for you to do it, you will need to acquire knowledge and skills on how you will start growing your cannabis. Good thing is that you can easily find information online because marijuana is popular all over the world and many people are interested in cultivating cannabis. You can even choose what method you want and you know will suit your situation.

Various Methods that You Can Use in Growing Marijuana

In growing marijuana, people are free to choose what method they want to use and they know can give them greater yields. If you are not aware of these methods, then listed below are the common growing methods that cannabis growers make use of.

  • Plain Dirt

This is the usual method of growing cannabis wherein you will plant the seeds directly in the soil. You just have to assure that you can water the plants and provide it with a proper amount of nutrients. This is considered the easiest and cheapest way of growing marijuana.

  • Rock Wool or Coco Fiber

As a replacement of using soil for your marijuana, searching for an inert medium that has lesser problems compared to soil can be a good idea. This can provide better yields and absolutely cleaner because there would be lesser bugs and mess.

  • Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method without the need of using soil. You will use gravel that will be placed in the pots or troughs. You have to use water that contains nutrients for the plants’ growth. It will form a cluster of small and clean white hairs as its roots. Unlike when using soil, you will notice that the plants will have its major tap root. This can provide better yields compared to other methods.

  • Aeroponics

This is a method wherein you will grow roots in the plain air. You will put the marijuana plants inside a mesh basket and hang it in the air. You will need to spray water and fertilizer into the plants continuously for it to grow well. This can help you produce roots that are astoundingly better than using hydroponics. This can help your marijuana plants grow faster while providing you with the largest yields of all the methods presented. However, you have to spend time monitoring the plants for successful results. You also have to maintain a specific amount of pH and nutrients for the plants.

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