Easy Steps in Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds Using Gibberellic Acid

Everyone wants to have feminized cannabis seeds. Why? Because feminized cannabis seeds produce feminized cannabis plants. So? Female cannabis plants are the necessary plants to create the buds that are needed for the smokes that people buy. Male cannabis plants are just here so that they can help the female plants reproduce. To have a whole garden of feminized cannabis plants, one can utilize gibberellic acid. This is the most popular technique amongst autoflowering feminized cannabis seed banks in order to get more harvests.

What is Gibberellic Acid?

According to the blog Maximum Yield, Gibberellic acid is a powder that can play a key role in your autoflowering cannabis plant’s lifespan. The acid activates the germinating sensors inside your plant to heighten feminized seed production. To use, all you have to do is mix this acid with a little bit of water in order to slightly neutralize the solution and then apply. It important where you place gibberellic acid. For the most effective outcome, you can apply it directly to the flowering buds to create male flowers.

The Science

You may be saying to yourself, “To create male flowers?” Yes, male flowers; however, not just any male flowers. This acid will induce your autoflowering cannabis plants to create male-female flowers. Sort of like a hermaphrodite. When the male-female flowers bloom, the flower contains female chromosomes. This creates all-female seeds. This is the most optimal way to create new, potent strains of feminized autoflowering cannabis plants.

Steps in Creating Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis b5 Plants

Still confused about how this male-female flower thing works? Still, don’t understand what gibberellic acid is? Don’t worry. This step-by-step guide will help you understand fully how this amazing science works.

Step One: Attaining your Gibberellic Acid

Gibberellic acid is a relatively easy ingredient to get. Since it is not only used for cannabis farmers, you can find this in just about any garden area at your local garden store. There are many different types of gibberellic acids, but the most popular ones are the A3, GA, and GA3. The GA3 is the most popular amongst the three options, but any gibberellic acid will work.

Step Two: Spraying your Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Grow Weed Easy recommends that it is essential to spray your female flowers when the plant is twenty days old. Since autoflowering cannabis plants grow quickly, it is knowledgeable to start early. You need to spray your flowers every day until you seed the pollen sacks starting to form and open up. Make sure you spray where the stem meets the leaves because that is where the buds are. Any spot that you didn’t spray with the gibberellic acid will still bloom as a female flower and develop female seed.

Step Three: Harvesting your Newly Grown Pollen Sacs

Now that your pollen sacs have grown, it is time to pick them. Not just any pollen sac will do, though. The sacs have to have started cracking open. This will make it easier to remove the pollen later.

After you have picked the desired pollen sacs, allow them to dry for a week. Because you have been spraying these sacs with a water-based gibberellic acid, they are moderately wet. A wet sac is an obstacle when it comes to removing the essential pollen inside. When the pollen sac is dry, the pollen will be more likely to fall out

Once the pollen sacs have dried for about a week, you need to put them inside a plastic bag that can seal up. This helps facilitate in retrieving the pollen because it acts as a container as well as a shaker. You have to seal the bag and shake it around for a minute so that the pollen can fall out.

Make sure that after you extract the pollen, keep the pollen dry. Moisture is your worst enemy when it comes to pollen. If you want to take extra precautions, pour some flour into the bag with the pollen. It not only aids in moisture retention but also gives the pollen a little hand when the time comes to sprinkle onto the female flowers.

Step Four: Pollinating your Female Autoflowers

Your new batch of autoflowering cannabis plants is starting to bloom, which means it is about time to do some sprinkle on your plants. Just like in Step Two, wait until the autoflowers are twenty days old to begin this process.

Once you have retrieved your bag of pollen, you need to get a paintbrush (yes, a paintbrush) that is small enough to fit inside small spaces but big enough to efficiently coat the buds in a few strokes. Only the buds that you have coated will grow the desired seeds. Do this for a few days for the best results.

What is so neat about this step is that you do not need to “paint” female flowers of the same strain. This is where a bit of hybridization comes into play. You can place this pollen on any female flower’s buds and produce the same effects.

Step Five: Harvesting your new Feminized Autoflowers

You have waited for two harvests to reap the benefits of your gibberellic acid-induced flowers. You have a whole garden of these feminized autoflowering cannabis plants at your disposal for a new batch of solely feminized autoflowers.

Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seed Banks

If you are wondering how some seed banks are producing so much harvest and still having affordable prices, it is because of this wonderful method. Autoflowering feminized cannabis seed banks such as Rocket Seeds and Crop King Seeds use this method of utilizing gibberellic acid to keep their prices low. Low priced cannabis means happier customers, and happier customers mean more returning buyers.

Things to Keep in Mind

In order to ensure the best for your plants and yourself, keep this advice somewhere in your mind. Although it is great for your plants and won’t hurt you if you touch it, gibberellic acid is not human-friendly when ingested. The autoflowering cannabis plants that you have sprayed with gibberellic acid are not suitable to smoke. A small amount won’t hurt, but if taken in large amounts, it could harm your health. Only use gibberellic acid on the cannabis plants that you are planning on breeding. Separate the plants that you are planning on using for recreational use in another area if not in another room.

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