Everything You Should Know about Premature Marijuana Seeds

Did you know that you can immediately tell the quality of marijuana seeds before it even germinates? Knowing how to determine a catastrophe from potential seeds can help you succeed in marijuana farming. Many of those who buy marijuana seeds found that they are packaged carefully to retain their freshness, but they are probably mishandled during the process of shipment, thus it gets damaged.

It is also essential to be able to distinguish inferior from quality seeds since you might end up with a pack of vile ones. There are many reasons why seeds turn out to be like that, but the majority is due to the illegality of marijuana and the adversity of getting it delivered to the United States.

Premature Marijuana Seeds

Purchasing seeds from black market vendors are incredibly dangerous. The vendors usually have zero ideas on where their seeds come from. The usual case when big industrial growers are harvesting their crop, they don’t pay attention to the essentials, such as whether the seeds are completely matured or if it was placed inside the female plant.

Their only concern is to get the pot processed, cured, dried, and distributed to the consumers as soon as possible. This is the type of seed that is typically sold in the black market, so you might think twice before risking your money on them.

Dishonest transactions happen when you purchase your marijuana seeds from the black market dealer or the international online shop. You need to do business with a reliable source that knows where their marijuana seeds came from.

As a consumer, you also need to distinguish which seeds will successfully grow and which ones will never germinate. It will help you achieve success in growing your marijuana. Note that the average number of seeds to develop a sprout is very low and having the ability to separate the odd from potential ones can improve your germination rate.

You need to grow mature seeds. These are the seeds that are easy to detect because they have a dark brown color and a little swirl of lighter stripes. On the other hand, seeds that are light green or completely white are not yet matured or will not mature. These seeds came from plants that are harvested way too early and they never had the chance to fully mature.

You can always try to get them out of their shell, but the probability is extremely low. In terms of the mature seeds, you might want to get those big and round ones. They have a higher chance of germinating and they can give you increased yield when harvest period comes.

Top Problems with Marijuana Plant

Buying marijuana seeds from online or physical shops impose different problems. Though there are a lot of reliable dispensaries and seedbanks that offer fresh, workable, and quality seeds, there are also dishonest sources that sell dud seeds with low germination rate.

Breeders are not immune from problems in grading seeds, veteran breeders like unique.cannabis help new growers learn about proper seeds. Good thing is, you can distinguish good from bad seeds even before it starts to sprout. Knowing how to identify quality seeds will help you from making such a costly mistake. Below are the top problems you might face with purchasing marijuana seeds:


Seeds are the initial step to produce a new generation of marijuana plants. A certain issue with the seeds can contribute to slow and poor growth. The perfect marijuana seed has a dark green hue, almost brown and has light stripe markings. It is firm and round. It doesn’t give in or crack easily to light pressure. Round and mature seeds are fast-growing and they have stronger resistance against environmental stress. You can guarantee that it will survive until maturity.

These are the things that you should watch out for to cultivate a seed that will develop into a healthy and robust marijuana plant.

Brittle or White Seeds

If the seed instantly cracks with just a little pressure applied using your fingertips that only means that is not workable. These are immature seeds. You should skip and move to other seeds if this is the type that’s sold to you. But, if you happen to produce these seeds, you have to make sure that they are pollinated early in their flowering stage to allow the seeds to develop until they start to fall off naturally. This will ensure that they are completely ripe, mature, and ready for cultivation.

Green Seeds

Once you spot a green seed, drop it because it is immature. But if the seed is tough and it doesn’t give in to the pressure from your fingertips, then it might have a chance in case you don’t have a dark workable seed to use. Remember that you don’t have to settle for this type of seed, but if you can’t find any replacement, you can work with it. To salvage the green seed, put it inside a water-soaked paper towel and keep it in dark and warm storage. Inspect it every few hours.

The color of the seed should turn into a darker shade and it will soon sprout. You should bury this seed slightly closer to the surface when it sprouts because it doesn’t have a lot of nutrients in-store in its body that a completely mature seed possess. With proper care and attention, this green seed can become a plant, carrying the entire potential of its genetics.

Small Seeds

The rule of thumb when choosing marijuana seeds is to always opt for the biggest one. However, some seeds are not capable of creating huge seeds. Some varieties of marijuana simply have small seeds to start with.

White Pistils Turn Purple/Red/Orange

This is a good feature of viable marijuana seeds. It is normal for pistils to transition to a different color once they are not pollinated. Don’t worry because you’ve chosen just the right kind and you’ve done nothing wrong.

Buds Are Small

The buds of the plant are the combination of the whole yield and their size will determine all the other aspect. For huge buds, it needs long and healthy roots to transport massive nutrients to the entire plant. You need to give it sufficient levels of nutrients. You need to supply it with CO2 when it enters the flowering stage and provides proper ventilation when it is not supplementing. Moreover, you need to manipulate the temperature and set it in an ideal environment. You need to prune it properly, eliminating smaller growth with less potential, for the plant to focus on the main buds.

Crispy Crumbly Buds

This happens when you excessively or immediately dry your buds.

Pliable Stems with Dry Bud

Your bud might have a lot of moisture inside. You can salvage it by drying the bud before curing or on the curing stage. The gradual curing process will remove the moisture from the center of the plant.
Wispy or Powdery Tendrils in Flowers
This is usually due to mildew or mold. You have to place your buds in an airy space or you can save it by freezing or post-processing it in water.

Buds Taste and Smell like Hay or Lawn

This only means that your buds are still immature. You can resolve it by performing a long and gradual curing procedure.

Buds Burn down to a Hard Black Ash

A whole lot of phosphorus was still present in the plant during the flowering stage. To save it, try dry and long curing method. Next, perform a proper flush before you harvest it.

Harsh Smoke

The main culprit is over-fertilizing. Save it by slow drying and curing to give it a glabrous smoke.

Buy Marijuana Seeds

Before you hand in your money to seed vendors, consider these factors when buying marijuana seeds first:

High-quality strains
Established vendor
Best value for money
Delivers on the scheduled date of shipment


When you buy marijuana seeds from physical stores they give you the freedom to examine them carefully. But if you don’t have the time to do it, you have no choice but to opt for online seed banks. Make sure you do business with trustworthy vendors because they deliver viable and quality marijuana seeds at a good price.


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