Golden Goat

Golden-Goat-StrainA Cannabis Sativa dominant strain that offers mixed of sweet, sour and spicy tropical fruit flavors that linger on the taste and aroma of users. The sweet mentholate lemon zest and cherry like aroma would surely get your appetite on.

The taste, aroma and appearance are due to cross breeds of Hawaiian, Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. These three strains were combined to produce a potent new strain called Golden Goat.

If the taste and the aroma of Golden Goat made you interested with the strain, you have to check out the appealing appearance of this Sativa Dominant strain. The hue of light green and pink coloration that changes to golden hue as it matures is what Golden Goat could offer users.

Growing Golden Goat

The Golden Goat due to its Sativa dominance grows tall and could consume a whole lot of space in ideal condition or environment. The branchy Cannabis plant is best to grow un-topped but it is best to trim lower lateral stem to encourage growth of Golden Goat.

If you want to maximize your Cannabis plant optimum growth potential it would be best to let your plant grow outdoors. Let your plant stretch. Do not limit the Golden Goat’s growth potential to grow to their maximum height. If you have enough space indoors like high ceiling and the like, growing Golden Goat door could be an option. Letting Golden Goat grow tall will definitely give you abundance during harvest time.

The average time for you to harvest this Cannabis plant is between 67 – 77 days. In harvesting Golden Goat, you have two options and those two options will depend on your reason or purpose of cultivating Golden Goat.

Two options when to harvest your buds

1st Option

You could harvest your buds earlier if you want to take advantage of the great taste of Golden Goat. Harvesting the marijuana plant at an earlier time will let you produce great tasting Cannabis. Taking advantage of the Golden Goat’s great flavor is for people who use Cannabis for leisure purposes and those who are looking at better taste while using the strain to cure their illness. Some want their Cannabis great tasting thus harvesting them earlier would be a great deal.

2nd Option

Harvesting the Golden Goat at a later time will give you greater yields and a lot potent strain. This option is more for farmers and those who wants to get greater high and cure.

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