Grape Ape

tumblr_mppiabSzMo1syl9ebo1_1280Grape Ape is an almost Indica strain that crosses from Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1 and Afghani.

You will not be disappointed with the great offerings of Grape Ape. They break an excellent grape scent. The sweet but still musky aroma makes the Cannabis strain truly interesting. Just as the name of the strain prescribes, Grape Ape taste is sweet and fruity, a real great deal indeed to those who are looking for a great tasting strain. The sweet grape smell will flourish more once the buds open up.

Expect a dense compact buds that are in deep purple leaves which darkens as the plant reaches its full maturity gives the plant more attractive. The beautiful mix of purple and deep green and each of the nug seemed to have its own unique color.

This Grape Ape has been in the prescription of medical marijuana professionals to subside pain in patients, good stress and depression buster. This is great for insomnia patients as this will enhance good sleep. This will increase the appetite of users thus a good marijuana strain to use by those who want to increase their weight and those who are suffering from anorexia.

A great strain to use at night due to the relaxing and soothing effect of Grape Ape to users. If you need a great relaxation then Grape Ape is the marijuana strain that will perfectly match your needs.

Growing Grape Ape

Just like normal Indica strains, the Grape Ape rarely grows above 4 feet tall. Farmers only need to wait 7 to 8 weeks before they could completely harvest and see the returns of their hard work. This Cannabis strain is recommended to beginners due to its easy to grow characteristics.

Grape Ape has few environment needs to achieve its optimum potentials to yield

  • Excellent air circulation
  • Clear the lower branches to improve circulation and air flow
  • They grow best in temperature between 70 to 80 degrees fahrenheit or 21 to 27 degrees celsius.
  • 50% Humidity

Due to the requirements of the Grape Ape plant to grow on its optimum yield it is highly recommended that you grow the Cannabis plant indoors in order to provide all they need.

If you are growing this indoors, it would be a lot better to have enough space for the full air circulation of Grape Ape. All should be given to this Cannabis plant to grow well.

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