Head Trip

17my46bw8pz9djpgHead Trip is an Indica Dominant Strain that came from perfect mix of Chocolate trip and Snow Lotus. You would definitely have a good guess of the flavor and great aroma Head Trip has to offer.

Who would not want an earthy mix of Chocolate and Coffee? Now you know why Head Trip is best in giving relaxation and soothing feeling to users. The strong aroma of coffee will not leave you awake but totally relaxed. This is one of the best offers to people who are having a hard time getting optimum relaxation they need.

Growing Head Trip

Head Trip is ready to harvest in 8 – 9 weeks. Farmers should not expect too much yields from Head Trip, as this does not yield high quantity buds she definitely offer great quality of buds perfect to those who want great hit of utmost relaxation.

Head Trip has very dense buds and has very short rusty colored pistils and a thick infestation of trichomes. They grow just like the normal Cannabis Indica plant. They grow short yet bushy.

What are best possible ways to Provide Optimum growth to Head Trip?

  • Head Trip is not expected to grow and give farmers abundant yields but they are definitely one of marijuana strains that could provide great quality of seeds. Give time for your Head Trip marijuana plant to vegetate for around 5 weeks, this 5 vegetative weeks could at least give you descent amount of harvest when harvest time comes
  • Know the process of topping – Topping is one of the most known methods that farmers use to give fair chances to all stems of marijuana plant to grow. Cutting of taller shoots for the smaller shoots get enough sunlight they need. The goal is for all shoots to grow the same height and for all shoots to produce flowers.

This process may increase the length of vegetative stage but nothing to worry as the delay could provide you better harvest.

Ensure that topping is done before flowering stage as you are not to use the topping process when your marijuana plant enters flowering stage.

  • Provide your Head Trip with everything they need in the exact amount. Anything in excess may it be water, light, nutrient, fertilizers and the like will not bring anything good to your plant. They will instead either slow down your marijuana plant growth or worst you will not see your marijuana plants flower.

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