How Long Does It Take for a Marijuana Plant to Fully Mature

It can be hard for new growers to detect if their marijuana plants are ready for a harvest. Though it looks that it had matured, allowing it to grow for one more week can be helpful in maintaining the taste and the quality of the weeds. It is very important for marijuana growers to monitor their plants from the start until it matures in order to have greater chances of producing excellent yields. This will make it easier for you to know if there is a problem with your plants and deal with it right away.

The Development of Your Marijuana Plants

The growing stage of your marijuana will start with a seed. If you want to have the assurance about the germination of the seed, you need to purchase it from a reliable source. You can either buy it from a local source or online as long as you know that you can get quality seeds at a reasonable cost. After that, your seeds will start to sprout. They will grow in size during the vegetative stage and then will produce flowers and THC.

If you are wondering how long your marijuana plants will mature then this will depend on what kind of strains you have chosen to grow. The size that you want for your marijuana plants can also affect the time that you will spend on growing the strain. If you want them to be short, the growing period for the plants will be lessened. However, if you want them to reach taller heights then be patient until they achieve maximum growth.

The growing environment that you will provide for your marijuana plants can also influence their growth. Growing marijuana outdoors will surely take time for the plants to mature because they can only get limited amount of light unlike when growing then indoors. You can use artificial lighting as long as you want that makes it faster for the cannabis to grow.

If you are excited of harvesting your marijuana then you can go for clones rather than cultivating seeds. It will only take 2 to 2 ½ months for the strains to be ready for harvest. This will reduce the time that you have to spend in taking care of your plants. After that, you can dry your marijuana in a few weeks and cure then for months. Make sure that you do the process rightly to maintain the potency of your marijuana.

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