How to Achieve Dense and Bushy Marijuana Plants

People who are growing marijuana would surely want to produce excellent yields from their garden. However, because of having strict rules regarding the cultivation of marijuana, they need to hide their cannabis and plant then indoors. It only means that they also have to control the height of marijuana plants so that others won’t see it. So if you want to get satisfied despite the fact that you need to control the plants from growing, you have to focus on growing dense and bushy marijuana.

Ways to Make Your Marijuana Grow Dense and Bushy

If you need to grow your marijuana plants indoors, then you have to assure that it can transform into short bushy plants in order for you to maximize the space in your grow room. So what you have to do is to fix the lighting system of your plants. You have to make sure that it is close to the plants because we all know that light performs a major role in the growth of marijuana.

It is also an advantage if you know how each type of marijuana plants grow. This is the reason why searching for information before you start growing cannabis can increase your chances of harvesting remarkable yields. Sativas tend to grow lankier while Indica strains grow shorter and bushier. All you have to do is to look for indica strains that you can cultivate indoors.

Topping your plants can also make them grow wider. However, you have to know the proper way of topping your plants if you want to achieve best results. This is when you have to train your plant by using Screen of Green in order to maximize the yields.

For well-experienced growers, supercropping can be a good idea. This technique should be done carefully if you want your plants to recover and become stronger. It is advisable to supercrop a few tops to avoid putting pressure to all of your plants.

Extending the vegetative stage of your marijuana plants will also allow them to reach their maximum growth and produce optimal yields. You just have to assure that you can provide your plants with plenty of light so that they will end up growing dense and bushy. You have to check on the nutrients that you supply your marijuana plants so that they can create huge buds. You can consider using a High Sodium Bulb for the lighting of you marijuana.

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