Improving the Smell of Your Cannabis – Useful Tips and Tricks

It is a great value to know how to develop marijuana plants correctly at the starting point of their life until the end. Otherwise stated, the harvest is very significant. The best way is to order marijuana seeds online and begin growing them the way you want. You should know the time of your plants’ harvest and make sure that you are receiving the most out of your flowers or buds.

After all of these, the primary of drying the buds comes into action and can make a great distinction in terms of how strong marijuana tastes and smells. In times gone by when you already know how to correctly do all these things, you will be all good on your way to enhancing your marijuana buds’ taste and smell.

The buds’ smell provides a great overall impact on quality when it comes to homegrown or domestic cannabis. It is the same as how food tastes good when it smells good. Growing buds with a good smell can greatly enhance the overall feeling and recognized potency. Every cannabis strain has its own distinctive smell, but the good thing is there are useful tips and tricks to improve the natural scent of your cannabis.

Before starting…

You should be able to grow well-grown cannabis plants without any big issues such as molds or bugs in the flowering stage, primarily in the critical second half stage of flowering. Great stress in cannabis plants can make buds more severe, and pesticides are likely to get on cannabis buds and could change the taste and smell. Who would want to smoke cannabis with pesticides on it? Of course, no one.

Increase the terpenoids and terpenes of cannabis plants

Terpenoids and terpenes mostly nourish the cannabis plants’ smell, in addition to a multitude of other kinds of flowers. Consequently, a great way to get the smell of your cannabis plants stronger and better is to stimulate the terpenoids and terpenes in cannabis buds.

It is necessary to know that each strain has a moderately original scent. This is the reason why you cannot anticipate all cannabis to have the same smell. When you increase the number of terpenes in the cannabis buds, even so, you shall be nourishing the smell of whatever is natural to that specific strain.

Do not stress your cannabis plants so that it can produce more terpenoids and terpenes than usual. If you put too much stress to your helpless cannabis plants then they could get excessively stressed out and either end up having only a fewer number of harvest or worst die. The basic thing for you to maximize the terpenoids and terpenes of your cannabis plants is to put less stress continually during a particular period of time comparatively than all at once. This is best done throughout the flowering stage of plants’ life, specifically in regard to the middle or final stage of it.

Within two weeks, when done correctly, you are going to gather buds and end up improving the smell of it by boosting the production of terpene and the level of trichome that affects the potency of the buds.

Do not use Chemical Nutrients

Avoid using chemical nutrients instead use only those nutrients that come from living sources such as worm castings, bone meal, kelp, guano, etc. These chemical nutrients can be found listed on the bottle in the nutrients section with molecular compound names such as Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate, etc.

Chemical nutrients have good characteristics that make them appealing to many cannabis growers. They enhance the vegetative growth rate and can even give greater potency in buds. Utilizing then will not significantly damage the buds’ smell, but these do not appear to help the smell as much as when the cannabis plant is utilizing the living sources nutrients. The great smell results likely to happen when the nutrients are being broken down in the soil as a substitute for being taken straightly to roots in their greatest normal chemical form.

Drying the Cannabis Buds

Drying and curing the cannabis buds is very important and should never be skipped. Dry your buds quickly to give them a minty smell and taste that does fade after curing. It is a usual thing for buds to smell like hay or grass immediately after drying, but if you slowly dried them then the smell will return after days into the process of curing.

You should keep a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, keeping a lower temperature supports in preventing terpenes from intense heat. The 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is right for mold. Also, maintain fifty percent of humidity while drying up your cannabis buds. When your humidity is lower from forty percent, it could likely make your buds dry out quickly. Sixty percent or higher makes the buds more likely to get mold and frequently take longer to dry out.

The process of curing your cannabis buds may likely unimportant if you have never done it before, but this way can necessarily enhance the smell, taste, and even the overall evenness of the cannabis buds. Just simply put your newly dried and divided buds in mason jars that are quart in size. This is the starting point of the curing process. Fill the Mason jar eighty percent only of buds and close it. Watch it regularly to ensure that buds are completely dry.

Begin with the Perfect Genetics

You cannot get cannabis plants to beat its unique genetics no matter what you do as a cannabis grower. If the plants have sweet-scented buds in their genes, then there is nothing you can do with it. Choose a plant with good genes if you want something really unique.

A lot of cannabis strains will smell to some length when grown correctly. Nevertheless, there are also some cannabis strains such as Northern Lights which have a specific light smell, so doing things to develop the contents of terpenoid of the strain will not do much. If you want to produce something really unique such as Purple Kuch Auto, then you have to get the correct genetics.

There is a lot of cannabis strains with special smells involving blueberry, pineapple, and chocolate. If there is a specific thing you have in mind, then you will be more fulfilled if you begin with a cannabis strain that clicks your preference.

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