Moby Dick

1300854501Photo0252Moby Dick is a combined gene of White Widow and Sativa Haze. It has a sweet and citrusy with Vanilla and Eucalyptus tones that will surely satisfy your cravings of high and taste.

This strain is famous to experienced farmers as this could provide great quantity of harvest. Users will not be disappointed as well with the level of THC this Cannabis strains could provide.

Growth of Moby Dick

Moby Dick is not a strain to those who are just starting to plant marijuana. This Sativa dominant strain has a lot of requirements in order to grow but once it yields, you will definitely be pleased with what you will get. Moby Dick if taken cared of well and provided all that they need could offer 800 grams per square meter and there are some reports that claim 1500 grams per square meter is possible for Moby Dick.

Moby Dick is robust enough to mold thus growing them indoors or outdoors is possible. You need to be careful though with the requirements of this marijuana plant. If outside environment could not provide the warmth and sunny atmosphere Moby Dick needs to grow its optimum potentials then it is strongly suggest growing your marijuana plants indoors where everything could be provided artificially.

In 10 weeks marijuana plant is ready for harvest. The palmate leaves of Moby Dick are light green with long pointed fingers and the cone shaped buds are quite elongated and fluffy. Great buds is what you would get if everything has been given to the Marijuana plant

What are the requirements in growing Moby Dick?

  • Electrical Conductivity level between 1.5 and 2
  • 800 watts of light per square meter
  • Should not go below pH level of 6.5
  • Warm and Sunny climate

Failure to provide enough of the requirements might fail the growth of Moby Dick. Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere will come in late October or early November and if well inclined Moby Dick could yield as much as 1.5 kilograms each.

This is a strain that expert farmers looked for due to great yield the marijuana plant could offer. The strain may not be too easy to cultivate due to few complexity of requirements but once you get used to it, growing Moby Dick is definitely a must. All the hard work will be paid off with the abundance that this could provide farmers during harvest time.

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