10 Best Indica Strains of All Time

Are you sure of the strains that you are smoking? Does it suit the results that you want to achieve? What are the benefits that you are getting? This is the most common questions asked whether you are a cannabis expert or a newbie. They keep on seeking on what to smoke best. It is

Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains in the UK

You can find numerous cannabis strains in the UK at the moment. Some of these strains are ideal for beginners while some are meant to be grown by the experts. However, regardless of whether you are an expert or not in cannabis cultivation, you need to know that growing autoflowering cannabis strains is one of

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds in Toronto

Autoflowering cannabis seeds provide numerous advantages to both newbie and highly-experienced growers. Unlike regular and feminized cannabis seeds, these autoflowering cannabis seeds have a faster growth rate. You will be able to save a lot of time and energy from seed to harvest if you choose those cultivate these kinds of seeds. Many growers found

Are Autoflowering Cannabis Plants Good for Growing in the USA

Autoflowering marijuana strains are a result of crossbreeding cannabis ruderalis to a regular strain. Autoflowering cannabis is a genetically flexible and diverse plant, with developed species that are of different traits as a result of evolution. Cannabis ruderalis evolved in the northern parts of the world. The summers are shorter with less light available annually.

Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Europe

Cannabis plants are very hardy plants. These can live in almost any kind of environment. From the warmest desert climates in Asia to the coldest parts of Europe, marijuana plants can grow, thrive and multiply. Growing marijuana outdoors is plagued with a lot of challenges especially the risks of changing weather and climate conditions. I

How to Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Indoors

Historically, autoflowering marijuana strains are descendants of wild hemp strain referred to as cannabis “ruderalis.” Autos don’t need the normal lighting cycle or photoperiod, unlike most marijuana plants that are responsive to the sun signals to indicate the best time for flowering. Cannabis ruderalis automatically starts flowering after 3 to 4 weeks. While outdoor growing

Where to Find Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds for Sale

There are many varieties of cannabis seeds out there for breeders to buy and cultivate. One of the easiest and most popular types are autoflowering seeds. They require less maintenance and don’t rely on their photoperiod to flower. This means that they can grow at a fast pace and yield a very good harvest in

Why Canada is a Good Source for Premium Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is available in many parts of the world. But many people agree that Canada is the best place to buy cannabis seeds. There are good reasons why premium cannabis seeds Canada stand out. Why Canada? The UK, Spain, and other European countries are popular cannabis suppliers. But cannabis enthusiasts still choose to get premium

10 Interesting Facts about Premium Cannabis

There are so many things that you should know about cannabis. These interesting facts will help you make the most in growing and using premium cannabis. #1. Premium Cannabis Can’t Kill Brain Cells Recent research suggests that cannabinoids promote neurogenesis or brain cell production instead of killing such cells. The hippocampus has a connection with

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

People who are accustomed to the use of marijuana for recreational or medicinal use may think of ways on how to acquire their most loved strain the most convenient way possible. This is why a lot of them venture to establish their very own cannabis farm on the benefit of their homes or backyards through