The Development of Mail Order Cannabis

Cannabis seeds and buds have a polarizing impact on people all over the world. Some love them and some hate them. Well, mainly because governments also see things differently. Others are okay with medical use, others are okay with recreational use, others are okay with both, but a huge number of territories altogether. So, before searching about where to buy marijuana seeds in the United States, it helps to know more about the mail-order industry and its relationship with cannabis.

What is Mail Order Marijuana and How Does It Work?

Simply speaking, mail order cannabis refers to weed that you buy online and have it delivered to your home. This can be through the form of buds, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and other things related to cannabis. Purchasing your weed or other weed-infused products online is quite similar to how you do with other forms of merchandise. You just find your shop, browse their product offerings, add them to your virtual shopping cart, and proceed with your purchase.

Here’s something that you have to think about, though. When you purchase cannabis online, the most common payment method you will see are money transfers. But don’t worry. It’s fairly easy to do. E-transfers can differ from various cannabis shops but this is a common way to do it:
1. Sign in to your bank’s mobile app and search for the “Send Money” option.
2. Select with an account where you will withdraw funds.
3. Fill out the contact details of the cannabis shop you chose. Usually, you have to provide a name, phone number, and email address.
4. Select the amount of money, then, submit.
5. Wait for the confirmation that the transaction was completed.

Some seed banks accept payment methods like cash in the mail, Bitcoin, credit or debit card. Take note, though, that MasterCard and Visa usually collect higher transaction fees.

Once you have completed your purchase, all you need to do is start waiting for your cannabis products to arrive. Most stores ship in stealthy or discreet ways. This means that your products will come in plain unlabeled packaging. For seeds, they are usually disguised in other products like birthday cards, pens, flashlights, and flash drives. Most stores also vacuum seal their goodies so that the strong and distinct odors can be concealed. That way, it will look like you just bought a regular acceptable product.

The Development of Mail Order Cannabis

If you are curious about the history of cannabis trade, you can educate yourself with a book called, “What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry“, written by John Markoff. In this book, Markoff revealed that the first online commerce transaction was, basically, a drug deal.

According to an excerpt, “In 1971 or 1972, Stanford students using Arpanet accounts at Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory engaged in a commercial transaction with their counterparts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before Amazon, before eBay, the seminal act of e-commerce was a drug deal. The students used the network to quietly arrange the sale of an undetermined amount of marijuana.”

Since that first transaction, drug users have successfully stayed several steps ahead of law enforcement, with the help of chemistry, pharmacology, and telecommunications. Through the rest of the 70s until the 90s, both legal and illegal drugs have been successfully sold online.

At present, the mail order illicit drug has not only been focused on cannabis but with hundreds of other drugs, some of which we do not even know the name of.

Things to Consider before Buying Mail Order Cannabis

1. Always make sure that you are buying from a legit online seed bank with a safe and secure website. – If you do not check if the company you are transacting with is legit, you could lose significant amounts of money and be scammed.

2.Stray away from clicking on ads, pop-ups, and other links. – If you are scrolling along with forums and browsing websites, and you stumble upon cannabis stores dispensaries advertisements, just keep scrolling. There’s a chance that the link can take you to a legit site, but there’s a bigger chance that it’s a scam. You can read reviews and check on the recommendations, but search for website URLs yourself.

3.Start with buying a small order before getting a larger one. – After you have chosen a seed bank, don’t place an order worth so much right away. You cannot sample on an online order, so there’s no telling if you would like to products right away. Another reason would be, you still are not sure if the company is a scam. Order small so you can check if you will receive the right order on time.

4. There is a limit to how much cannabis you can possess. – Remember, the laws are different per state you are in. So you can be careful, it is important to keep your orders within the regulations of your locality.

5. Some banks will not allow their cards to be used with cannabis companies. – Because cannabis is still illegal on a federal scale, some banks will hold from letting you use your account with them, even if your seed bank is legal in its location. So, make sure you research the payment method ahead of time.

6. You should know the entire delivery process before placing an order. – Make sure you know the company’s methods for delivery, like when or where they will be delivered. Also, check on tracking numbers and delivery guarantees.
7. Research on the types of cannabis that you like and are fitted for your needs. – There are a few thousands of cannabis strains currently offered on the market. Some work better for pain relief, some can help you sleep, while other strains can help you be awake, focused and boost your creativity. Cannabis strains also differ in color, density, aroma, and tastes. If you are looking for seeds, they also differ in the growing periods, nutrients, watering, and care that they require. For safety, you should do extensive research ahead of time.

So, where to buy marijuana seeds in the United States? The answer is up to you. There are so many companies to choose from, so check on the tips shared to you to narrow down your choices. With these new bits of knowledge, you will be more equipped to find the best cannabis seeds for your growing pleasure.

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