What to Consider When Cultivating Marijuana in Grow Tents

user11783_pic193069_1255443346It can be very rewarding for growers to cultivate marijuana indoors because it allows them to provide a controlled environment for their plants. Unlike in an outdoor environment where the plants depend on the light coming from the sun, growing them in grow tents can provide with plenty of lights thus causing them to grow faster. However, it is not that easy to grow marijuana indoors because you will need to watch over your plants and supply it with all its basic needs like light, water, air, soil, nutrients, and so on.

Things that You Have to Prepare When Using Grow Tents for Your Marijuana

Growing in grow tents can be the best option if you will cultivate marijuana indoors. There are plenty of grow tents that you can choose from so as much as possible, compare all the options you have before you make a decision. Pick the one that will suit your place and you know can offer the best environment for your cannabis. As soon as you have the grow tents, you need to start preparing the following.

  • Lighting System– You need to place the lights 50 to 60 cm away from the plants with a 600-watt sodium lamps. As the plants grow, you will have to raise the lighting system to prevent your plants from burning.

  • Ventilation- Connect an extractor fan around 15 minutes every hour during the dark phase whenever the light is on and increase the period during the last weeks of flowering to 15 minutes every half an hour.

  • Temperature and Humidity- When it comes to temperature, it is ideal to maintain 20 to 28ºC inside the grow tents. However, the minimum would be 17ºC and should not exceed 31ºC. The humidity level should be 20% minimum and 75% maximum.

  • Water- Your marijuana plants need abundant water once they are transplanted. You also need to start increasing the water during its flowering period. Growers should touch the soil if it is still wet before watering the plants because overwatering can be harmful and can cause the plants to die.

  • Fertilizers- It is required that the growers should follow the given dosage and feeding schedule of the manufacturer to be assured that the plants obtain the right amount of nutrient solution.

  • Pesticides- This can help growers keep away their marijuana plants from the infestation of pests and insects. You can do the first treatment 1 week after you place your plants inside the grow tents and the second one would be 1 week during the flowering period.

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