White Fire OG

white_fire_5White Fire OG also popular to her other name Wifi OG is a 60% Sativa Hybrid that was bred from the genes of the powerful Fire OG and The White. White Fire OG took the good genes from both of her parents thus making White Fire OG unbelievably potent and a great yielder.

You will definitely enjoy White Aroma’s sour, earthy diesel aroma that she got from one of her parents, Fire OG. Buds of White Fire OG possess a sweet taste that you would definitely enjoy. Farmers will enjoy the same great harvest that they are getting from The White, as White Fire OG got The White strain’s ability to produce High resins that are covered in rusty snow fall of crystals.

What are the contributions of White Fire OG in the filed of medicine.

White Fire OG has been a help to those patients who are suffering from different illness like






Loss of Appetite



White Fire OG could provide a great THC level at 20 – 25%.

Growing White Fire OG

Choosing this strain to grow for beginners is a great idea. The strain could offer farmers easy life cultivating them to yield. White Fire OG is best to grow in Sea of Green Operations

What is Sea of Green Operations?

Sea of Green is a method of growing marijuana that forces the plants into the flowering stage when young and small. This method will shorten the usual length of time weeks earlier. After about two weeks of vegetative growth you will be ready to harvest your plant. Sea of Green Operation offers a lot of convenience and savings to farmers.

How to force your marijuana plants to flower early?

Light is critical to every stages of marijuana plant growth. Changing light schedule of your plant will change their cycle as well. By changing the schedule of your light to 12/12 chances are your marijuana plant will flower earlier than scheduled.

If you want to take advantage of this method then you have to choose seeds that are viable and best to grow in Sea of Green. Not all seeds could grow best in Sea of Green. Some seeds are not for this method as it is critical for them to complete all stages in their life cycle.

The method is easy but due to unfavorable effects changing of growth cycle to other marijuana strains, this may not be successful for them.

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